Crescendo Giocoso: PDF


The digital edition of Crescendo Giocoso in PDF format.
All the hand-outs are downloadable from the Italian Chamber Orchestra website.

Pages: 400
Publisher: NessunDove
ISBN: 9788894136920

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The Italian Chamber Orchestra is proud to present our first record: Crescendo Giocoso, a collection of twelve live action role-playing games, written by Italian authors and meant for everyone out there. Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter, we can offer you a crescendo of scenarios, each for a different number of players, from 2 to 12, and up to 30 with the final game. No matter how many of you there are, or whether you have an hour of free time or four, our role-playlist has a track made just for you. No need for game masters or facilitators: just players.

Come and discover the Southern Way – New Italian Larp

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English, Italian

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