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Laiv.it offers everyone a self-managed stage to make stories together and play characters without an audience, just for ourselves. We call these "chamber" live-action roleplaying games, because they’re playable in any context and in just a few hours. You only need a handful of friends and the author's outline. No game masters, no facilitators. Just players.

Anyone who joins one of the events in our Chamber LARP Grand Tour becomes a member oftheItalian Chamber Orchestra, the one and only ensemble without instruments or scores. The only way to play is pretending, and improv is our jam.

  • Collective game design workshop
  • First Italian convention dedicated to chamber LARP.
  • Free space for unidentified playing objects.

The events of the Grand Tour are also a way to test our games for Crescendo Giocoso, the anthology series collecting all the best scenarios written by the Orchestra.

Imagine a group gathered around a campfire, telling stories as a moment of shared intimacy and mutual understanding. A small circle of people, like in tabletop games, but the emotion makes them stand up on their feet, like in live-action games. There's no narrating voice: each player lives through the story, speaking in their characters’ voices and lending them a body to move around in.

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