Enter the labyrinth of roleplay

Roleplaying games are a way to share stories. Some have never heard of them, some picture dungeons or dragons right away, some see roleplay as a form of creative expression. Our labyrinth is open to everyone.
We write our games and develop the works of kindred spirits to explore the maze of imagination. Tabletop or live, alone or in company, for one night or many years: the ways of play are infinite.

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There's more than one red thread you can follow to learn the secrets of our labyrinth.

  • Laiv.it

    Events to design, develop and enjoy "chamber live-action roleplaying games": LarpJam, Chambercon and Freeform.

  • Crescendo Giocoso

    Anthologies for the games of the Italian Chamber Orchestra, the community behind Laiv.it. In Italian and English.

  • Dreamlord Games

    Collaborations to publish Italian roleplay games and adapt international titles. Astonishing, accessible, avant-garde.

  • Gioc'onda

    Books, games, workshops and so much more in the heart of Bergamo. A store to spread our love for play and fantasy.

We follow games every step of the way, from writing to testing, from publishing to selling.

Designed all over the world, printed in Italy.

About us

Four hands, two heads, a shared love for ideas, imagination... And labyrinths.

Plus another red thread, to find our way around every language in the world. More or less.


Maria Guarneri's artistic journey mostly took place in Milan, between the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Teatro Alla Scala. She's always enjoyed dipping her toes in many different crafts, ranging from drawing to goldsmithing to dressmaking, and stagecraft has become the point of convergence for her kaleidoscope of interests. A lover of comics and illustrated books, when she met Oscar she stumbled into the right words to surround with her pictures, painted with the most disparate techniques. Then she found her own, as a game designer.

Editing/Publishing line

Born in Lecco in 1984, Oscar Biffi lives and writes on the banks of river Adda. As a child he loved to play with rocks. His parents proudly thought they'd found an heir to the distinguished tradition of masonry, passed down from father to son in the valleys of Bergamo… In truth he was just naming the pebbles, to make them all part of a story. Ever since then he's never kicked that habit, carefully studying plots and characters until he got a degree in Literature at Università degli Studi di Bergamo, then striking out on his own to work on roleplaying games, short stories and novels.

Plus another red thread, to find our way around every language in the world. More or less.

Maria's hands, for graphics and illustration.

Oscar's ink, for editing and publishing.

Chiara's voice, for translation and adaptation.


Chiara Locatelli is a professional escapist as well as a language enthusiast. Her first exercise in translation was trying to convey her daydreams to the real world; then she discovered there were lots of countries besides the ones in her own head, and she's never stopped marveling at what she finds beyond the borders. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Università degli Studi di Bergamo, and works as a freelance translator for gaming associations and publishing houses. Her goal is to build bridges between different ways of playing and dreaming.

We help bring games where they've never been before. To museums, to the Sahara desert, to yet-unexplored creative horizons.


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