The Magus

From 10,00 to 20,00

Il primo gioco edito in Italia di un’autrice dalla Repubblica delle Filippine.

In The Magus, userai dadi e penna per scrivere una vicenda unica sulla ricerca della perfezione nelle arti arcane e sull’infinita solitudine del potere.

You write down your thoughts in a journal: the artifact that represents the ultimate goal of the game. You can also sketch pictures, take photos, make a pastiche of other forms of creativity. Whatever you choose, you get to set the pace of the game, whether it's only a few hours or several weeks of play.

  • Edizione panoramica con copertina rough touch
    • Format: 17 x 30 cm, 56 pagine a colori – Binding: Filo singer giallo a contrasto
    • Ora comprende anche l’espansione digitale Magus – Oltre lo specchio.

Across your workshop lay curious mementos, these patient witnesses to a life colored by deep yearning. Was it for power? Gods, were you strong. Wielding fantastic spells to uncover stranger truths, or perhaps— to exert control on an increasingly alienating world. Or was it... For human touch? All this— for what? For connections that would barely quench your longing to belong? As you close this chapter of your life, you reflect on your storied past— all your scars and regret. You are the Magus, the Wizard of the Lonely Tower, and with these pages you will reminisce your story.

You will navigate strange encounters and confront complex opportunities for learning spells, or cultivating tenuous bonds. Everything comes at a cost: will you spend your scant remaining time to acquire more powerful spells, or nurture the few connections keeping you human?

momatoes is the winner of the Diana Jones Award for 2022 Emerging Designer.

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