Books. Games. Workshops. Recreative spaces.

Gioc'onda is a four-sided project in the heart of our city, Bergamo. A meeting place for enthusiasts to share their experiences and recommendations. Starting with the staff. We want every reader and player to feel at home inside Gioc'onda. And we want its cardboard shelves to be the start of many journeys.

Gioc’onda aims to be a museum to our passions and a goldmine of new discoveries. But that’s not all. We want it to be a tribe, because a place is only alive as long as it has its own spirits. Its roots are deeper than you might think: Oscar has been dealing with books and daydreams ever since he was a Literature major.

  • Libreria Fluttuante opens shop in Medolago, setting out on an eleven-years-long journey.
  • The shop moves to Bergamo. Same passion, different name: Gioc'onda spazio ricreativo is born.

Knowing what we have on the shelves, developing and refining our tastes, knowing how annoying it is to buy the third volume of a saga without reading the previous two: being readers first of all. These are the keys to our experience as booksellers.

With Gioc'onda we were able to give more space to our passion for games, alongside with our love of reading. We hold community events and make our space available for any creative endeavor. A habit we never lost, ever since our days in Medolago, is getting writers and artists to stop by for a visit.

Finally, our passion for games is the secret ingredient to our painting, creative writing and English conversation classes: a way to turn every participant's interests into a form of creativity.

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