Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello B-Side


The Italian Chamber Orchestra was already a big band, but with the help of its The Kickstarter backers it’s gone even further, bringing together authors from all over the world to enrich Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello with six more chamber LARPs. So ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present the International Chamber Orchestra and its Crescendo Giocoso Ritornello B-Side!

Six chamber larp scenarios, written by Italian authors such as Maria Guarneri, Oscar Biffi and Simone Bonetti, mixed with the work of international game designers such as Hakan Seyalıoğlu and Kathryn Hymes from Washington DC, Marc Majcher from Texas, and Joanna Piancastelli from the United Kingdom.

  • Digital edition
    • Format: 21 x 21 cm, 222 pages

A crescendo of scenarios, from 2 to 14 players and more. You’ll need no game masters, no facilitators. Just players.

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