On the Way to Chrysopoeia

From 10,00 to 34,00

On the Way to Chrysopoeia is an epistolary roleplaying game for two alchemists, designed to bring magic back to the mundane. Every corner, every item, every landscape you cross on your way could become the seed for a story.

With the help of a camera or a cellphone, the sights of everyday life become the heart of an exchange of letters between two explorers, transmuted into the special ingredients of a great work of alchemy. Photographs, sketches, notes… With just a little imagination, two players work together on a real and imaginary travel journal. Visit the website of the Floating Archives, you'll discover the imaginary places created by other players and be able to share your own inventions.

  • Travel journal
    • Format: 16,5 x 12 cm, 144 pages – Binding: Softcover with elastic band and bookmark ribbon - Finish: Soft touch
  • Art postcards
    • Format: 16,5 x 12 cm – Subjects: 5 pieces

A Master alchemist sends their Disciple off to explore the World All Around, a land where wind has become the driving force of progress. United by an extraordinary quest, Master and Disciple walk together in spite of the distance that keeps them apart, facing the hardships of a journey in search of arcane secrets. On their way to Chrysopoeia, the mythical city of knowledge.


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Recensione di Esci il gioco

As a homage to all our travellers, here is Chrysopoeia & All Around, a short game written by Chiara based on the rules to Lasers & Feelings. Share a leg of the journey by playing with friends around a table, as tradition dictates.